Friday, January 11, 2013

Naughty Girls need a lesson!

21 year old girls get this idea that their all grown up and don't have to follow the rules anymore.  But LeAnne is learning that being 21 and living at home means she does have to follow the rules.  To get a point across even better than the spanking itself I find that having the young lady strip naked and then get spanked is very effective.

After letting her wait naked for about 30 mins I come into the room and it's down to business with her getting across my lap.  This time she's been caught with alcohol in her room.  Why do girls think that puting the booze in their dirty laundry hamper is going to insure their mother never finds it?

No telling what is really going through her mind except the hope that the spanking will be over soon.  First I used the palm of my hand to get the point across, then the hair brush and finally the paddle.

 I think sitting for awhile won't be an option.  Look for this clip soon, LeAnne's Alcohol Stash.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Politacally Correct BS!

Can you believe it?  Brent Musburger had the audacity to call this woman beautiful on National T.V.  Katherine Webb, the woman he called beautiful, didn't mind the comment at all but ESPN apologized for Musburger's comment.  What the hell is wrong with media and the world today where we can't call a beautiful woman, beautiful.

I am so sick of everyone trying to be politically correct all the time.  It used to be that if someone had something to say, good or bad, they could say it.  Sometimes people didn't say the right things but that's on them.  Now a days you can't say anything without getting blasted.

Sunday, January 6, 2013


LeAnne is just like all the other girls I've put across my lap for a sound spanking.  She isn't at all thrilled about the immediate effects of the spanking but she recognizes she desires them.

After her spanking, and the crying is over, she always feels the sense of being cleansed from her naughty behavior.

I am getting the impression that she is beginning to like the after burn of her spankings.  She's been punished and now it's time to reward herself.

To me, there's not a better site than a well spanked bottom of a naughty girl.

After all, that is what their bottoms are for, other than sitting! 


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