Friday, July 26, 2013

Leave NO doubts!

There should be no doubt that her spanking is going to leave a sound impression to not misbehave.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dakota's Mouth gets her in trouble again!

Dakota's Traffic Ticket Spanking!
Dakota got a traffic ticket and Ron knows that she may not have gotten the ticket if she would have just kept her mouth shut, or at least given the officer some respect.  Instead she mouthed off before, during and after she got the ticket.  Now she not only has to pay the fine for the ticket but has to take a trip across Ron's lap for some good ol' fashion learning.

Starring: Ron Edwards, Dakota Rhyan
Product Type: Video Clip

Price Running time Format Size Date added Resolution
$13.99 14 Min  32 Sec  MP4   1.00 Gb   07-23-2013 1920x1080 

*All prices are in USD ($) - United States Dollar


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