Friday, December 20, 2013

What fans are saying about our videos!

"You have the best content on the web!"   Nick

"Love your spankings you really know how to spank and I'd love to be given one by you."  Katie

"I adore your clips."  Jean

"I have to say that your videos are hot."  Bud

"The master has created yet another masterpiece!" Spankee69 

"Your vids are great and getting better."  WoodyWoody 

"I just loved the different camera angles and all the squirming and bare from the waist down."  Tammy

"Great video! I love watching all of your training sessions... keep 'em comin!"  HotSpankee

"You are my new hero of Spanking Tube!!!!!!!"  Shambo30

"Simply superb ... she has a bottom that I adore and he truly knows how to properly spank a naughty young lady."  Chris 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Annie gets her first spanking!

Annie's First Spanking!
Annie's mother sent her to me for some good ol fashion discipline.  This spanking was for her constant partying and staying out at all hours.  Half way in the spanking I realized that at 19 she shouldn't be drinking at all, because of her age, so I stepped up her spanking and gave her the bottom warming of her life!

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$16.99 16 Min  MP4   1.00 Gb   12-16-2013 1920x1080 

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