Thursday, March 27, 2014

What every woman needs in a DD Relationship

Every woman in a DD relationship needs a trip to the garage on a pretty regular basis.

Oh what freedom there would be to be able to lead her to the garage and teach her the lesson she needs to learn.


  1. As these beautiful photo's show. A naughty woman needs an reluctant invitation to the garage, to be spanked on her bare bottom by her ever loving husband.

  2. nice photos can tell by her facial reactions she is getting a sound no doubt well derserved spanking hope lesson is learned

  3. This blonde brat looks an adult daughter, say in her 20s.
    I do believe that even in her late 20s each adult daughter should get her deserved spanking from her father, What is fair, hand or belt, its frequency and other details are up to dad (or mom if sadly not present the fair male authority) until marriage day.
    Any Real Life experience in 2014?



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