Monday, March 3, 2014

Youtube and its Community!

Less than a week ago I posted what I called a "G" rated preview video.  It showed a few of the naughty girls in my videos getting spanked, for the most part, over their panties.  None of the spankings showed a naked bottom.  In almost 6 days I had close to 10,000 hits on the video and since the only place I posted the video was on two spanking blogs that I control I figured only Spankers and spankees would be viewing it.  Yesterday morning I thought I'd check on the videos status and found it had been deleted with this in my mailbox;
The YouTube Community has flagged one or more of your videos as inappropriate. Once a video is flagged, it is reviewed by the YouTube Team against our Community Guidelines. Upon review, we have determined that the following video(s) contain content in violation of these guidelines, and have been disabled: 

The YouTube Community?  So it's okay for a naked Miley Cyrus to make sexual gestures while sitting on a wreaking ball but it's not okay for me to upload a "G" rated spanking video?  All it takes in this world of "FREE SPEECH" is for one or two people to come along and show their disapproval with something and the "Wants of the few become more important than the wants of the many."  This YouTube Team, of probably one person, who has hangups regarding sexual content deemed my video inappropriate and the thousand other videos with sexual content weren't because of what?

I find that each day I grow tired of society dictating what is and is not inappropriate.  When I was a teenager watching ANY T.V. show during that time it would have been TOTALLY inappropriate to show two men kissing each other, let alone depicting them married to each other.  It's totally acceptable today for the president of the United States to give consent to gay marriage while millions of parents out there are trying to raise their children in a moral environment.  It's becoming acceptable for us to send our daughters to the front lines where they can be maimed, killed or suffer PTSD like our young men have done throughout the history of war.  Let's not protect our daughters anymore.  Let them suffer too so we can call them "equal".

If I don't want my children watching two men kissing on T.V. that's my right as a parent and it doesn't make me Homophobic or a hater of gays.  If I don't agree with women being in the front lines in war it doesn't mean I don't think they are equal or less capable.  It means I believe it's bad enough for our young men to suffer in war why send our daughters to share the same fate.

I seem to be ranting a lot about a 3 minute video that YouTube deleted but it's FAR more than that.  One day those few people out there are going to be able to make the production, distribution and possession of  "Spanking videos" illegal.  They'll be able to do it because America is showing us daily that the needs and the wants of the few, far out weigh the needs and wants of the many!

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  1. I have seen Youtube's issues before. All it takes is for one person to dislike your video and that's it. A defense system that has been abused for far too long. There was nothing wrong with your clip. I rather liked it and have seen far more explicit than yours.

    If this is how they treat you, I suggest two options. One continue to post on Youtube just to be annoying to them. And two, try posting on Daily Motion. They are far more free than Youtube is at the moment.



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