Saturday, July 5, 2014

Female Spankees for my videos!

Spankees come and spankees go.  I started filming in February 2011 and I've had a lot less women contact me to do videos than I anticipated.  There have been a few who only did one video and never came back to do more.  I think that they just needed some money to pay their phone bill that month.  lol

For the most part I think it's simply, "Life goes on."  They did it once, twice or for a short time and something else came up in their lives and they stopped.  Some get new boyfriends, some have moved out of town, a few didn't work out because we didn't click.  

Some times it's just a matter of scheduling.  At times they can shoot and I'm unable to and other time I can shoot and they can't.  lol  But for the most part the Seattle area seems to be dried up when it comes to female spankees.

So if you're a female 18 and older and would like to be one of my spankees contact me at

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