Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ember get a very red bottom!

Ember, Emergency Number
Ember is rarely, if ever, late for work. Plus she only misses work when she's sick and always calls in. She has to, she's a school teacher. However, this time she was seriously late to the point that the school called her emergency phone number. You guessed it, it's dad's number. She made it to work but failed to call him and let her know she was alright. Dad was worried all day and even called hospitals. Ember would never not call him to let her know she was fine. Well, guess what happens!

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$10.99 10 Min  MPG   421.00 MB   03-05-2013

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Monday, May 12, 2014

Annie's First Spanking!
Annie's mother sent her to me for some good ol fashion discipline.  This spanking was for her constant partying and staying out at all hours.  Half way in the spanking I realized that at 19 she shouldn't be drinking at all, because of her age, so I stepped up her spanking and gave her the bottom warming of her life!  www.spankher4real.com

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$16.99 16 Min  MP4   1.00 Gb   12-16-2013 1920x1080 

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