Thursday, May 21, 2015

Typical Response I get from Web designers except this one went off the charts with me.

This is a conversation I had with a so called web designer.  They came off real excited to help design a site for me and when I went to their web design site to look at prices and what they do I must confess I found it confusing.  Instead of helping me out this designer replied with the following.  I've replaced their phone number with "X's" and left their fetlife name and info off.  However, I haven't changed anything else.  Let me know if this is a web designer you would go with.  Comments welcome.  My response is Italicized and underlined I just realized I should have done that when I first posted this.

written about 23 hours ago:
I saw you needed a clip site, I KNOW I can get this done for you, and I have upfront pricing, I actually work for CrystalBend Hosting, but our adult web design is a different part of things. I can get you up and running to do EXACTLY what you want, easy to use back end for tracking sales, flat rate, I actually have it listed on my site too.
Our servers though, lie on CrystalBend Hosting's network.
Very easy to find info on both websites, if you have any questions, feel free to call or text.
Or if you wanna call the web hosting place directly, you can do that too. It's just 3 of us, we work for ourselves, we just like to be professional. =)
CrystalBend Hosting

written about 15 hours ago:
Thanks but I don't understand a thing on your Maybe I'm just better off staying with clips4sale and the stores I've got up now.

written about 12 hours ago:
Wow, you can't figure out my website, lol. sorry, no offense. But yeah, good luck then. I'm not really sure anyone is going to be able to help you.

written about 2 hours ago:
Typical response from a geek. Belittle and mack someone who doesn't speak their lingo.
Promotional Media Production – Starting at $90, plus printing costs for brochures
What is promotional media production? Why would I need brochures? I'm talking about an web site. I don't go around handing out brochures.
Message Board & Forum Signature Coding – $14.95 (one time) w/clickable links!
What is message board and forum signature coding? Why would I need it and why would I want it?
Website Design – Starting at $60/hr for Custom Web Programming
$60/hr? So you bill someone for 100 hrs and only spend 10 hrs on the site?
I have no idea what WordPress Install & Basic Config is!
Instead of offering guidance, perhaps by replying, "I can answer all the questions you may have regarding what I do and my prices," you insult me and laugh.
You contacted me I didn't seek you out. Next time you want a client don't insult them.

new message
written 8 minutes ago:
Well, yes, but if you can't figure out what a message board or a forum signature is, or wordpress for that matter, you don't even need to be online. Do everyone a favor, unplug your computer or turn off your access device and go aheead an return it, it's WAYYY to advanced for you. The internet is far beyond your comprehension, and yes, I tried to get a customer, and yes I will ALWAYS blast on some idiot wanting a website who doesn't even understand how to work the internet.
So yes, I ONLY deal with customers who have more then 5 brain cells in their heads.
If you don't know what any of that stuff, your an out dated human, and you need to go the way of the dinosaurs, the future will ONLY be there for people who are halfway intelligent. With our world over populated by 6 billion people, I TRULY hope nature starts culling people like you.

new message
written 4 minutes ago:
Not to mention the fact but when YOU post on a message board (I'll help you out with this one, fetlife is a big giant community MESSAGE BOARD) it makes you look look a complete idiot when you say you don't know what a message board is.

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