Saturday, February 27, 2016

I love the walk to the corner!

I recently got an email from someone who calls themselves a big fan.  They claimed that they've bought a lot of my videos but weren't going to anymore because they didn't like my spanking clip previews.  Lol    Okay, so you're a big fan but you're not going to buy anymore because of the previews?  This so called fan was on and that explains it all.  Many of the "fans" there want long previews.  The longer your preview with "Action" the more stars they give you.  Or,.. the longer your preview the longer they get a spanking scene for "FREE".

If this guy was really a fan and has already bought a lot of my videos then he would see the video previews I do now as a quick representation of the total clip.  He was complaining because in reality he doesn't buy video clips and wants as much free content as he can get.

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