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Spank Her 4 Real Videos 5 Year Anniversary!

On this blog on February 7th 2011 I announced our First Video on Sale, or that it was coming soon "No Alcohol In The House"

I had just turned 52 and the "The Great Recession" had taken its toll on just about everything in my life.  After loosing my house and being unable for the first time in my life to bring home a steady paycheck I was at wits end.  A whole lot of other personal drama had come about also and by Christmas of 2010 I needed to find some way to make some kind of income.

Being in construction provided a few jobs from time to time but companies weren't taking on anyone new.  So they'd hire you for a short period of time and then lay you off.  My unemployment ran out and I literally had no visible income so I sat down and brainstormed.  Necessity truly is the mother of invention and I needed some way of inventing an income that would at least make enough money so I could put gas in my car if and when a construction job came up.

Back then it was virtually impossible to even get some kind of part-time job and for the first time in my life I was being discriminated due to my age.  Any company out there looking to hire had 100's if not 1,000's of candidates to pick form so I stopped applying and thought, "How can I make at least some money through the internet?"  Believe me, making spanking videos wasn't my first idea or choice.  

I brain stormed and at first thought I'd make wood paddles to sell over the internet but when I walked out to my very limited supply of wood and machinery I realized that wouldn't work, at least not at that time. Then I thought about what I did have available.  I had a 8mm video tape camera and video editing software.  So my next thought was to do music videos for local bands and solo artist.  That was a bad idea because no one could, or was willing, to pay me anything.

I suppose it was by chance that I was on watching amateur spanking videos when I realized there were some videos that had links to a web site called Clips4Sale.  I looked up more videos on and there were others who had a store there too so I began checking out their stores.  Wow!  Bad lighting, bad spanking techniques, bad role play and bad almost everything.  It was as though they thought, "Let's make a bad spanking video and see if anyone will by it."

That's when it hit me.  "I could do that, but so much better!"  I knew there would be a lot to learn along the way but I thought what could I loose?  My only cost would be in paying the spanking model.   Now for me, I needed a premise and a goal or path for the videos.  I didn't want to do videos where I role played a doctor spanking his nurse, or boss spanking his secretary.  For me, I wanted everything to be true to life.  I was a real life spanker and I wanted the videos to reflect that lifestyle.  I knew before I made my first video that things would change here and there as time went by but the premise could still be the same if it was about the lifestyle.  So I decided the main video premise would be about Ron Edwards.  Up to that moment I had spanked a lot of naughty females over the years so the videos wouldn't be made up stuff.  They would be videos about real women getting real spankings for real things they've done and shouldn't do.  For me, that had been something I had already been doing so now all I had to do was film it.

Silly me, I thought all I'd have to do is go on fetlife and look up female submissives in my area who were into spanking and there would be my source of "models".  I hate the term "model" by the way.  After about a month of searching I came across "Rose".  She and her husband came over and we talked about filming over a few pots of coffee.  I had ideas about how I wanted to shoot and she had ideas too.  I made it very clear too, from the beginning that I was broke and couldn't pay anything up front.  Rose was great and accepted the deal that we do the videos first and then put them up for downloading and at the beginning of the month when my store paid out she would get a percentage of all the videos she shot.  It was literally a match made in Heaven.  If it wasn't for Rose I don't know if Spank Her 4 Real Videos would have even made its first video.

That first video was with Rose, above is the demo, was called "No Alcohol in the House".  The premise was true to life, Roses life, and to start the store I had to have 5 videos at least 2 minutes long.  So I used the full version as one video and the divided the video up into 4 short videos to make 5.  On February 14, 2011 our first sales came in and we had 3 full length downloads of our first video.

I have to tell you this was exciting on so many levels.  It wasn't that it made some money either.  The fact that we took an idea, set up the camera with the angle I wanted, then took the footage and edited it and then advertised it and it sold was the biggest thrill.  It was like an art.  Rose and I shot 14 videos together and hated the fact that she and her husband needed to move back home after he left the service.  Our videos together were so convincing for some fans that they actually believed she was my REAL adult daughter.  I remember one fan mail I got that went something like this, "Your videos with Rose are the best.  But, don't you think your daughter would be upset if she discovered that you've been secretly filming her spankings and selling them on the internet?"  I was so shocked by their letter that I couldn't even write them back.   

A few weeks after Rose started shooting we met "Ember" and the two of them were so much a like that we decided they'd be sisters.

Ember's spanking were unique in that she could only role play scenarios that were actually true from her life.  We couldn't make up something and run with it.  It had to be something she should have gotten spanked for.  You see she didn't like getting spanked but she did want to get punished for things she knew she should have gotten punished for.  She and Rose were alike in that regard but Rose also really liked getting spanked and Ember didn't feel the same way about it.

After doing shoots with Ember and Rose I realized the best way to do videos, at the time, was to go with the submissive's attitude or feeling.  In other words, don't do role play that they have to try to believe but do role play that's true to them.   When Taylor came along it opened up another dimension.

Taylor wanted to be trained.  She really loved getting spanked too but she always wanted to be under total control of a man and what he wanted from her in the bedroom.

Her first video flew off the shelf when it comes to downloads.  From the first video she did I came up with the idea of "Training Videos".  Along the way there have been "Spanking Puritans" that have commented it's immoral, or something to that effect, to mix spanking and sex together.  The truth is I didn't come up with it first.  There have been plenty of companies who did videos like that 20 years before we did.

The overall complaint that I hear now comes from women who say they want to do videos with us but think they're going to make a bunch of money for each video they do.  The fact is I can only pay what I can afford to pay.  According to 10 of the Most Popular Sexual Fetishes spanking is #5 on the list and for the list of top 30 sellers on Clips4Sale "Spanking" doesn't even make the list.  Doing spanking videos with us is a great way to pick up extra money doing something that you enjoy or want but as far as making a living at it that won't happen.  At least not yet, lol.

I still have videos were I paid the girl $100 two years ago and still haven't broken even.  For a few years I was more than willing to shoot with so called "Professional Models" if they were into spanking but they didn't work out.  Not because they couldn't, or didn't, take a real good spanking but because we didn't sync when it came to other things.  Professional models are always booking shoots and if you book a shoot with them but another higher paying shoot comes along for the same day they'll do that one and most times not even tell you they've cancelled your shoot.  Then there are the girls who have never shot a video, let alone a spanking video and they back out at the last minute.  I can't tell you how many girls have inquired about shooting and I then ask them to send a few "Naked ass" shots and they go nuts about that.  I mean really.  Would you shoot a "Spanking Video" with someone that you've never seen?  Let alone never seen their bottom.  If they're too shy to do that then I've learned to say thanks for inquiring and move on.

What still and will always remain the best girls to shoot are the ones who are in the lifestyle and aren't thinking they'll get rich quick.  They do it because they feel they need to be spanked or simply because they love to get spanked and the money to do it is simply a bonus.  The videos that sell the best are the ones that show a true relationship.  That means there is a real chemistry going on between me and the submissive.  Even though, in a sense, we're role playing it is REAL and or true to life.

It is my hope that this next year brings new adventures in where we shoot.  I enjoy shooting out doors for example and it's my hope that more adventurous girls come along who are willing to share in the video experience and not just do them. 

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