Saturday, February 20, 2016

Spanking, is what you make it.

I came upon this and wanted to share some thoughts about it.  It's a comment made from one of my blog entries in 2014 called "I spank my wife too."  

Why, if this is all in innocence and love, do you spank while naked with other girls other than your wife? It's one thing to fill the father role for others who have lacked it, but add sexuality into encounters with others during , what us supposed to be loving discipline? And even fantasizing about little 19 year old girls learning to do fellatio on you? Terribly disturbing and undermines what I thought was a loving Dd relationship with your wife.... I am confused....

She says she's confused and I'm not surprised. I get comments like this from time to time and when I do I just shake my head.  There are so many of these people and all these blogs and all these organizations out there that spout "Their" view, or belief, regarding what "Spanking" is and isn't.  I've met these people too.   And they're like meeting a religious fanatic.  If you don't believe their definition of what "Spanking" is and isn't then you're strange, or perverted.  And I've had many of them try to convert me too.   Like they're on a religious quest to save those who believe spanking isn't what they believe. 

So first of all what's wrong with fantasizing about a 19 year old girl learning to give head?  If she was 65 would the fantasy be O.K? Apparently, spanking other submissives while I'm naked doesn't meet with her approval either.

I hear from people all the time who tell me spanking and sex together is wrong, immoral and so on.  Come on people!  Spanking between two consenting adults is whatever it is for those two adults.  You have no idea how many blogs there are out there, perhaps 1000's, that I disagree with.  And we're not talking just spanking now.  I mean pick a topic.  Cooking, gardening, car maintenance, clothes, cleaning and cleaning products, environment and the list is endless.  I prefer to fry my chicken in Vegetable oil using a cast iron skillet.  If you prefer frying chicken using Corn oil and a different kind of skillet then so be it.  I wouldn't say you're wrong and you shouldn't say I'm wrong. 

I've met "Spankers" who have this "Code" they go by.  When you talk to them they seem regimental and kind of military.  O.K. so what?  If that works for them and others in their life who am I to say it's the wrong way to look at spanking?

I've read a lot of "Spanking Blogs" out there and some are "way out there" and others seem to not be "out there" enough.  Many I agree with and many I don't.  They have their point of view and I have mine.

When I first met "Taylor", one of the women in my videos, we sat down and talked for some time before we started filming any videos.  She expressed what she wanted and so did I.  She wanted certain things to happen during her "Training sessions".  I have met and talked to a lot of submissives who want to be pushed.  They want to go past their limits and explore something they haven't done before.  For many of them it releases them from responsibility.  If they've NEVER swallowed but wanted to at least once and the only way they feel they could is with the threat of getting a blistering spanking then they'll do it.  Many submissives want their limits pushed and exceeded.  That's what we did in the Taylor Training Videos.  To some, like the woman who made the comment above, this kind of spanking video is "terribly disturbing".  Well guess what.  I find many images and videos that the local and national news decide to air also "terribly disturbing". I find watching videos of people cracking up and getting hurt "terribly disturbing".   But quit honestly I don't HAVE to watch the news and I don't watch videos of people cracking up on skate boards.

So my point is this.  I'm okay with your view of how you look at spanking.  If you're not okay with mine then get off my blog and read blogs that you agree with.  If you don't like my spanking videos because it doesn't meet your purist standards of what spanking is then DON'T buy them!  In fact, here's a better idea. Start your own blog and write about your feelings, thoughts and attitude toward spanking.  And start your own spanking video store and make the kind of spanking videos YOU feel should be made.

About 4 years ago I got a letter from a fan saying they loved all the videos with "Rose".  Then they made the comment, or asked the question, "Don't you think that your daughter Rose will be upset if she finds out that you secretly filmed her spankings and put them on sale over the net?"  I was so shocked by that, that I couldn't even answer them back.  In other words this fan was convinced that Rose was my REAL and TRUE life daughter.  If that was true then I would find that "terribly disturbing"! 

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