Saturday, October 8, 2016

Sometimes just the threat is enough!

So my wife was having a stressful day and decided to text me with a rather lengthy bitch session. She did that for about 3 texts over a 30 minute period. I was at work and couldn't deal with her texts at the time. About an hour later I got some free time and read her texts. 90% of what she had written was her merely taking out her frustrations on me. So I texted her back and told her the way I would be settling the problems she mentioned was by baring her bottom and giving her a good blistering. I didn't hear back from her for about 2 hours and just before I left from work I got a very apologetic text that read she was very sorry for venting like that and she was wrong. In addition she admitted she shouldn't have written what she did and that she would be ready for her spanking when I got home.

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