Friday, November 11, 2016

Spanking brings order!

For me, spanking brings order in my world.  I couldn't begin to count all the times I've heard, "I'm sorry" and still her behavior doesn't change.  But when she knows there are consequences and more importantly she wants consequences for her bad behavior to be in place then the "I'm sorry" she is saying out loud becomes, "I'm getting a spanking" in her head. 

There is something about a very warm bottom that lingers for hours after a good spanking that causes her to feel cared about and even loved.  She feels good about having a man in her life who is willing to give her what she needs, even though it's not always what she wants.

However, some so want that spanking.  At times it's because they have done something they really feel guilty about but don't want to confess or admit it.  So they do something else to get spanked but in their mind they are getting spanked for something else.  Sometimes they want to get spanked just so they can feel that burn throughout the day so they intentionally do something they shouldn't.

For whatever the reason, spanking brings order in many ways.  For me it's a true affirmation that she is sincerely "sorry" and not just saying it.  She truly believes her behavior was wrong and needs to be corrected. 

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