Thursday, November 10, 2016

What's the point in spanking if you don't redden her ass?

Even though I make spanking videos I still enjoy videos from other producers who do quality work.  However, I've noticed lately that many new spanking producers, and even some that have been around for awhile, are doing ridiculous spanking scenarios while they barely smack and the girl fakes that it hurts. 

Why would you produce a video like that?  In part because you think it will pass for REAL spanking?  There are producers that produce what I would call "Fun Spanking" or "Playful spanking" and that's fine.  It's not what I'm into but if that's your niche and you're not trying to pass it off as REAL discipline spanking then go for it. 

I recall buying a video that I thought was going to be REAL discipline, based on the thumbnails and description, and it turned out to be a ridiculous spanking with the fingers, barely impacting while she faked crying.  Then he would spread her checks and spank, and well, I couldn't watch it anymore without feeling like I was watching a molesting session. 

I don't believe that company is producing any new videos.  When women come to me for a spanking they know full well they are going to get just that.  When they leave their bottoms are flaming and they think twice about their behavior that ended them over my lap.

For me, what's the point in spanking if it's not REAL discipline spanking!

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