Friday, December 30, 2016

I really hate being on a budget!

Jamie's Budget Lesson and Spanking!

When I lived at home I could pretty much spend money on whatever I wanted. But living on my own is so much harder because I have bills to pay and can't just spend money on anything I want. Daddy told me I had to start budgeting but to be honest it's something that takes a lot of discipline.
Discipline is NOT something daddy has a problem maintaining. He put me on a budget and told me I had enough clothes for now. In my heart I know he was right. So, the rule was that I couldn't buy anymore clothes unless he gave me permission.
Technically I didn't buy any clothes. I saw some shoes I wanted and bought them. Boy was daddy upset at me. He not only spanked me in the diaper position, which I hate, he alos spanked me in front of Yvonne who herself had just gotten a bottom blistering spanking.
Honestly, I thought daddy would have been warn out from spanking her but let me tell you he had plenty of energy left to tan my bottom for sure.

(Important Note: The women in Spank Her 4 Real Videos are NOT professional models. The are REAL women who get Spanked 4 Real.)

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