Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Letter to my younger self

So you're 18 now and have believed the rhetoric that society has advertized regarding men and women being equal.   You accept that to mean both a husband and wife share the burden of responsibility equally.  However, you will discover that your bride married you to simply get away from home, her mother, and that she wasn't "In Love" with you.  After the divorce is final and she splits town with your son.  She somehow is able to sell the car you were okay with her keeping and that you are still making payments on.  She tells you that neither of you owe taxes for that year and that there was no refund either.  But, you discover after the IRS grabs money from your bank account that you actually owed money.  She sticks it to you good and the one thing you hear over and over as to why everyone is coming after you for their money and not her, is because you are seen in their eyes as "The Head of the House". Even though everything was co-signed with you and your bride, you're still the one they come after.  You're still the one who has to make everything right.  Your view of equality between a husband and wife changes and you realize that since the government, banks, lending institutions, etc,. see you as the Head of the House and ultimately responsible you become just that, the Head of the House.    

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

I'm hearing the wrong perception about my spanking videos.

Perception - a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression.

I'm here on Blogspot, Google+, Twitter, Fetlife, to name a few social media sites where I can post my material without it being a "Violation of Terms" and I'm noticing something over and over.  More and more I'm hearing condemnation over spanking in general.  

For example, every woman I've spanked in my videos did something wrong that caused them to feel they needed to be punished for, as in a spanking.  No one twisted their arm, no one blackmailed them and certainly no one made them do anything they didn't agree to doing, or submitting to.  But still, there are people out there who make comments that I find both stupid at times and mostly shocking.

"Why would anyone agree or submit to such a thing?"

"I would never let some sadistic bastard like you do that to me."

"Who the fuck do you think you are that you can go around spanking women and think it's okay?"

Those are just a few comments that have been made through the years.  What I guess I don't get is why they make the comments in the first place?  You see there are a lot of things out there that I don't understand and strongly disapprove of.  For the life of me I don't understand why anyone would be interested in watching videos of a woman on her hands and knees crapping.  Or videos of people having sex with animals.  In addition there are a lot of other videos that would be more tame than those that I'm not interested in viewing either.  In saying that I don't go around to blogs, tweets, etc, and make nasty comments about how much I disapprove.  To me that would be a huge waste of time because they wouldn't stop making or liking a video or picture that I disapprove of anyway.

From time to time I get people commenting that spanking and sex shouldn't be something done together in a video.  It's like they think there's a "Definite does and don'ts dictionary" out there that says you can't do both and that it has to be one or the other.

I've even had unbelievably rude comments about spanking outdoors.  "Oh my god! How could you do such a thing!"
Really?  People actually believe that I happen to be walking outside with a spankee and three or four video cameras and right then and there the cameras suddenly positioned themselves and I bent her over and began spanking her in full view of any and everyone around?!

Well, if that's what they believe then we at Spank Her 4 Real Videos are doing a better job that we thought.

The women in our videos want to be spanked.  Most have a deep desire to be spanked.  They understand it.  They want it or like it.  And many of them want the spankings because they truly feel they deserve them.

In part it's "Hollywood" and in part it's real life.  So for those of you who aren't into spanking, go to a "how to cook" blog and comment there.  For those who are just into spanking and not sex and spanking go to our just spanking videos and try accepting that there are those of us who like both "just spanking" as in discipline and "Sex and spanking" as in training videos.  

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Bare her bottom and blister it when she disobeys!

When she doesn't do what she's told, the pants and panties should come down, she should go over your lap and get her tight little and sassy bottom spanked RED!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Our new Clip store sells POV or Camera Angle clips

Annie Rides the Lap Again! POV 2
Annie's been very irresponsible and needs her bottom spanked tell she can't sit. She comes to Ron and asks if he'll pay her car payment this month and instead she goes over his lap again for a variety of positions so she can learn a good lesson and be responsible. Ron isn't at all pleased with her Lips on the ass tattoo either! (Important Note: The women in Spank Her 4 Real Videos are NOT professional models. The are REAL women who get Spanked 4 Real.) Elements of this video are, REAL spanking, Male Domination, Daddy/daughter, real contact spanking, female submission, bare bottom spanking, daughter spanked by dad, dad spanks daughter, painful spanking, naughty adult daughter Don't forget to check out our DVD store too.. We can burn any combination of clips to ONE DVD also so email us what you'd like and we'll send you a quote. Category: SPANKING Related Categories: SPANKING M/F, OTK SPANKING, CORPORAL PUNISHMENT Keywords: spanked daughter, severe spanking, diaper position spanking, wheel barrow position, spanked otk, spanked for real, spank her 4 real, punished thru spanking, domestic discipline, spanking a daughter, daughter spanked, bare bottom spanking

Product Type: Video Clip

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Saturday, February 25, 2017

A good spanking will make her think twice about her curfew!

It seems some girls are just begging to get their naughty bottoms spanked and Annie is one of them. It seems Annie is living with her grandmother and she insists that Annie obeying her curfew. Annie says she has been trying but without REAL consequences it's almost impossible to do. So, I suggested a time for her spanking to begin and she agreed.

Of course, even being on time for her spanking for not complying with her grandmother's curfew was another matter. Or it was one in the same. Annie definitely had issues with being on time and too many excuses for it.

Finally, she showed up 25 minutes late. Now that wouldn't be so much a problem if she lived 30 miles away. Sometimes traffic causes some serious delays. However, Annie only lives 10 minutes away. So when she finally showed up she had two spankings coming.

Now the lesson here is not only to be on time but also "don't do more that will add to your spanking"! Once her pants came down it was time to teach this young woman that being late is not acceptable. Giving her that nice red glow she so richly deserved was something she had coming in more ways than one.

(Important Note: The women in Spank Her 4 Real Videos are NOT professional models. The are REAL women who get Spanked 4 Real.)

Elements of our videos are, REAL spanking, Male Domination, Daddy/daughter, Hair brush spanking, belt spanking, hand spanking, real contact spanking, female submission, bare bottom spanking, paddle spanking, daughter spanked by dad, dad spanks daughter, Slut training, submissive training, handjobs, blowjobs, fucking, OTK spanking, Diaper postition, painful spanking, Boss Secretary, naughty adult daughter, wife training, blowjob spanking

Check out all of Annie's Videos Here:.


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