Saturday, October 21, 2017

Seeking female spankee/partner

I'm looking for a female business partner in the Washington State Puget Sound Area to produce and appear in my adult Spanking / Spanking and Sex videos with me. My and stores have been up for 7 years now. I also have (still under construction) and a store on .
1. Attractive
2. Able to role play
3. Able and willing to receive spanking as a submissive
4. Able to give spankings to female spankees
5. Minimal to no tattoos
6. Willing and able to share administrative duties such as;
a. Interview prospective female spankees
b. knowledgeable in social media posting, i.e; twitter, blogging, Google +
c. General knowledge of Excel
b. Basic skills in video camera set up, lighting, makeup, wardrobe. (At least have desire and ability to learn)
e. Coordinating personnel and locations for shoots
7. Able to view this enterprise as a business but at the same time relax and have fun
The qualifications could go on and on so I've listed just a few. If you are interested please message me through my account or you can email me at I am not interested in volleying back and forth questions and answers through Texting, emails or messages. A few a first is fine but would rather meet in person.

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