Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The girls that really, really crave being spanked! Part Two

Izzy contacted me through a kink site and wanted very firm to nonsense discipline because of issues going on in her life.  The girl had a very high tolerance to pain and simply would not mark up.  At the end of very long and hard spankings her bottom would only appear pink.  Compared to the spanking she got it looked like I barely spanked her.

Jamie contacted me through Spankingtube.com and wanted a father figure/mentor in her life.  At the time she lived in a different state but 6 months later she moved to the Seattle area.  She got around 20 or so spankings on camera and about 40 or so off camera while she was here.  She came in August and in November she was feeling home sick.  Most likely due to the holidays.  She wanted to go back home for a visit and then drive back in February or March but like all things life gets in the way of plans we make and she is still back in her home state.  Perhaps one day she'll be able to follow her dream and move back in the area.

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