Sunday, October 14, 2018

Courtney Little gets her First Spanking!

Introducing Courtney Little. Courtney is a little and has wanted a Daddy figure in her life to protect and comfort her. She's needed someone to look up to and respect as well. Someone who cares about her and accepts who she is just for who she is.

In finding Ron and accepting him as her Daddy she has also accepted that he will, from time to time as needed, bare her bottom and give her a spanking.

Courtney was told to come over to Daddy's house and discuss a few things about her behavior lately. She understood the term "discussion" to mean that there was a high probability that at the end of the discussion her bottom would be a bit sore. Since that was probably the case she chose to wear a simple dress that would take little effort to remove.

(Important Note: Courtney is a REAL submissive little who has placed herself under Ron's (Daddy) authority for a spanking when he feels she needs one.)

Courtney was right to wear her simple outfit because she had been a naughty girl and the spanking she had coming would see her completely naked by the end of it.

Her daddy put her in multiple positons with each one seeming to sting a bit more than the last. By the time it was over and she was sitting on her daddy's lap being hugged for being a good girl, she knew sitting would be a hard option for at least the next day.

(Important Note: The women in Spank Her 4 Real Videos are NOT professional models.)

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