Wanted: Female Spankee/Model

SpankHer4Real.com is based out of Kent/Covington, Washington. We currently have 
and we also sell our videos on Clips4Sale.com through multiple stores but our main store is located at www.clips4sale.com/41511.  We also have stores on Spankinglibrary.com.

Spank Her 4 Real Videos has been making spanking videos since 2011 and is always expanding. We strive to create the very best in spanking videos and sex & spanking video "Training Videos".  We are an individually owned business. We are very professional and treat all models like family.
We are still a young company that experiences the growing pains of everyday business.  We started filming in 2011 when the "Great Recession" was going strong.  Filming started with one 8mm camera, tape no less, and was transferred to computer to make the video digital.  The quality wasn't the best but it did give that home made look that I wanted.

We were renting a house at the time and shot all of the Rose, Ember & Taylor videos there.  We used the livingroom, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen as sets.  In a few months I was able to upgrade with a second digital camera and now we use 4 to 5 digital cameras during most shoots.

From there we moved into a house that had a fairly large detached garage so I built rooms in there to shoot videos.  

At SpankHer4Real.com we film a variety of material including spanking, corporal punishment, and sex & spanking, or "Training Videos" as we like to call them. Our Absolute and primary focus is on filming authentic spankings videos in which a real spanking is taking place. We utilize numerous safety measures including safe words to ensure real scenes that are not excessive or brutal.

Our shoots vary in time, but average between one and three hours in length.  That's not total spanking of course.  lol

All of our video shoots involve actual spanking.  I mean really if they weren't then what's the point?  When I first thought of the idea to make spanking videos I was determined to never do "Fake" spanking scenarios.  That's why we don't go by any script!  Every spanking we do and have done comes from the Spankee, or model's, real life.  So if you want to do videos with us but aren't into spanking, or don't understand the premise it's not for you.

The intensity of the spanking is based on the limits and preferences of the Spankee/model. Spankees that are able to take a hard spanking make more money than those who cannot.  And to be honest the videos of Spankees who can't take a hard spanking don't sell as well.  So again, what's the point?

Before each shoot the premise and implements are reviewed and mutually agree upon to ensure all participants are comfortable with the shoot perimeters.
Everyone is different so the reality is that every shoot is unique.  Some spankees are comfortable with being spanked in the nude and others just want to be spanked nude from the waist down.  We don't do any spanking videos were the nude bottom isn't shown so if you're not comfortable with your naked bottom on camera then this isn't for you either.  Again, what's the point?

We take great care in providing an atmosphere that is casual and family like. No spankee will ever be pressured to do anything they aren't comfortable with.  Our schedule is very flexible and we film Mon.-Sat. Any day or evening time can be arranged. 

So for those spankees shooting their first video with us it typically goes like this.  We live, and shoot, within a few blocks and walking distance of a Large department store.  We schedule the shoot at say 10am so I walk over there at 9:45am.  It's very public and I wait on a bench for the model to show.  Because our home is "Private" and that's were the only bathroom is located, meeting at the store provides a chance for the spankee/model to use their facilities.  It also provides a safety net for the spankee/model should she decide at the last minute to not do the shoot and it provides the same net for me in the event I feel she's just a crack whore wanting to case our home so she and her boyfriend pimp can come in and steal things while we're gone.  Lol

Seriously, from there we walk over to the studio.  We are located in a residential neighborhood so we ask spankee/models to dress appropriately.  Every spankee/model signs a one page contract which simply states that we, Two Moon Productions/Spank Her 4 Real Videos own the rights to all pictures and videos, that no ones real name will ever be used and the price the spankee/model will receive for that and future shoots.  Then there's the 2257 form and a simple confidentiality agreement.  Before the first shoot with a spankee/model I like to sit and discuss any concerns and make sure before we shoot that everyone involved is comfortable.  The first part may take up to an hour.  Then we shoot and that usually takes no more than an hour with as many starts and stops as needed.

I want to be clear that my goal is to find spankee/models who are into the spanking lifestyle and can take a hard spanking.
There are many variables that factor into my pricing structure.  You should understand that if you're going to do a video with us, and it's the first time doing a video with us, I have NO idea how much you can actually take, for how long and whether you can role play.  So from my point of view I'm taking a chance and in a sense gambling that I'm going to have a video worth selling at the end of the shoot.  So I've made it a policy that EVERY first shoot starts at $150 with the spankee/model showing her face.  $100 if she doesn't want her face on camera.

Many spankee/models have made 4, 6, 10 and even 20 videos with us and I'm always open to show each spankee/model her monthly sales reports directly from our store sites.  If your videos are selling well then I have no problem paying more per scenario.  I am even willing to negotiate a percentage of a spankee/models videos as long as she is continually shooting with us.

All spankee/models are payed in full at the end of a shoot in cash and are payed as contractors who are responsible for any personal taxable income.

My number one concern is everyone's safety and comfort while you're shooting with us.  I don't allow alcohol or drugs of any kind to be used during a shoot.  If you need alcohol or drugs to do this kind of shoot then it's not for you.

Even though this is a real spanking session I make every effort possible for a spankee/model to be comfortable and enjoy their experience. It is a very casual and pressure free environment. 

In reality I'm quit normal with a great sense of humor and I've had quit a few spankee/models prefer shooting with me than others they've done shoots with. 

All spankings are administered in a very safe and sane manner.  On camera they are very real spankings but let's face it, it's "Hollywood".  That means that we stop a scene if it's getting to intense and you want a break.  The footage gets edited so let's simply take our time and have fun doing it. 

Every spanking starts off with a warm up spanking and as I've been told over and over by spankees/models in the past, "It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be!"

If I choose to do a video shoot , how hard will I be spanked?
No one has ever been spanked beyond their limits in any of my videos.

I can take a very hard spanking and mark very well, will this pay more?
Yes for sure.  There have been many instances where I have paid more even on the first shoot because the spankee/model could take a very hard spanking and was great to work with.

Who will be spanking me?

As of October 2017 you will be spanked by Ron Edwards the owner and operator of Spank Her 4 Real Videos. 

What if during my spanking it hurts more than I thought it would and want to stop?
I've had many first time spankee/models not even be able to get through a simple warm up spanking done over their jeans.  Just say the word and the shoot will stop.  I have no intention of harming anyone and giving them a bad experience.

How much money can I really make doing this?
If your videos are making me money then you make money.  Typically, on any video whether it's a spankee/models 1st or 20th video, the first week to ten days the video goes on line for sale is its strongest sales. I won't bore you with percentage statistics and cost projections but the bottom line is you can make good money doing this.

I have always had a specific spanking fantasy, could this be incorporated into a video shoot?
I always invite ideas from spankee/models.

Will there be any sex involved?
If we're not shooting a sex & spanking video and it's just spanking that you signed up for then there will be NO sex involved.  There's no call for it and it's unprofessional for that to happen.

What do you need from me in order to make this happen?
-Any model must provide proof of age (18 or older) and sign a model release. These are Federal record keeping requirements. All model information is kept highly confidential and your name would never be used or given out in any context.   And yes, you will need to send nude pictures of your body.  The reasons for this should be obvious.  One, you could email and say you're 20 years old, weigh 108 pounds and have no tattoos but you refuse to send pictures.  So, I take a chance and we meet for our first shoot.  However, I obviously discover that you're 34 years old, weigh 175 pounds and half your body is covered with tattoos.  That's happened believe me!  I don't care about the age, and the weight isn't a great concern either but my experience has been that customers who buy spanking videos aren't keen on a spankee/model with a whole bunch of tattoos everywhere.  So if you're unwilling to send a few nude pictures of yourself then this isn't for you either.

I would like to try this, but am nervous to do it alone. Can I have a friend chaperon?
Yes and no.  In the past I've allowed chaperons to either sit in the same room while we are shooting or wait in the adjoining room.  In one case this has worked.  In every other case the chaperon has been a distraction by either making noises, comments, coughing, sneezing, laughing, you name it.  I understand the need to feel safe but in the end the best thing I've learned is for a chaperon to drop you off to know where your at and for you to text them or call them at designated times.  As we shoot more you will look back at that and laugh about it but still if it makes you feel safe at first, do it that way. 

How do I get started? 
Simply email us at SpankHer4Real@yahoo.com or SpankHer4Real@gmail.com that you're interested.

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